BACHER ENERGIE AG supports Electricity grid and Electricity system stakeholders in the analysis, design and implementation of strategies for the latest Energy Policies, for setting up Smart Grids / Smart Metering projects including Demonstrations, Pilots with the goal to put the customer/prosumer at the center.

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Smart Grid Literature & References

EU and US longer-term Energy (incl Electricity) System Evolution Principal Investigators: IGNACIO PEREZ-ARRIAGA Professor, Electrical Engineering, Institute for Research in Technology, Comillas Pontifical University, Visiting Professor, MIT Energy Initiative
CHRISTOPHER KNITTEL: Professor of Applied Economics, Sloan School of Management, MIT, Director, Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research, MIT
UTILITY OF THE FUTURE: An MIT Energy Initiative response to an industry in transition: An important evolution in the provision and consumption of electricity services is now under way, driven to a significant degree by a confluence of factors affecting the distribution side of the power system. A range of more distributed technologies - including flexible demand, distributed generation, energy storage, and advanced power electronics and control devices - is creating new options for the provision and consumption of electricity services. In many cases, these novel resources are enabled by increasingly affordable and ubiquitous information and communication technologies and by the growing digitalization of power systems. In light of these developments, the MIT Energy Initiative's Utility of the Future study examines how the provision and consumption of electricity services is likely to evolve over the next 10 to 15 years in different parts of the world and under diverse regulatory regimes, with a focus on the United States and Europe.
The longer-term Energy (incl Electricity) System models, evolutions, scenarios until 2050 for Europe
E3MLab/ICCS of NTUA, TREMOVE modelling community, IIASA PRIMES / GAINS / GLOBIUM / GEM Models
European Commission (EC) staff Working Paper(2011) Energy Roadmap 2050
EC - Directorates-General for Energy (DG ENER), for Climate Action and for Mobility and Transport(2013) Previous EU Reference Scenario: Energy, transport and GHG emissions Trends to 2050
dito(2016) EU Reference Scenario: Energy, transport and GHG emissions Trends to 2050
dito(2016) Excel Sheet Country Data Energy Systems 2000-2050
EC-DG JRC (Joint Research Centre)(2016) Prettico G., Gangale F., Mengolini A., Lucas A. and Fulli G. ; DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM OPERATORS OBSERVATORY: From European Electricity Distribution Systems to Representative Distribution Networks; EUR 27927 EN; 10.2790/701791
What is the status (state-of-the-art) of energy system and integrated (smart) grid research? What needs to be researched and when?
EC-DG JRC(2014) Smart Grid Projects Outlook - Data and information on 459 Smart Grids projects in 47 countries (of which 287 national and 172 transnational) projects; See also Map of project locations
ETIP SNET - Grid-Innovation online GridInnovation-on-line has been developed in the framework of the GRID+ (EC FP7-) project and has been extended within the (EC H2020-) GRID+STORAGE. It is currently used and expanded as part of the the support work to the ETIP SNET (The European Technology and Innovation Platform Smart Networks for Energy Transition): GridInnovation-on-line aims at facilitating knowledge flows and exchanges among new, ongoing or completed research and innovation projects contributing to the ETIP SNET Vision, the ETIP SNET RD&I roadmap and ETIP SNET RD&I implementation plans. It includes:
  • State of the art articles for clusters of the roadmaps and links to related projects.
  • Project articles with general description of the projects and the links to the related knowledge articles.
  • Knowledge articles for specific RD&I results of a project (main features of the research output).
ERA-NET SG PLUS - Expera expera is the platform of the Smart Grids Plus Knowledge Community. This platform shares knowledge among members of the ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus Community. The community includes representatives of industry, policy, research and other institutions as well as diverse smart grids initiatives, thereby installing a direct link between (SmartGrids-) RDD initiatives, smart grids experts and decision-makers.
EC-DG ENER(2016) Monitoring the State of the Art - Technical analysis of past and on-going smart grids and energy storage R&D Projects
EC-DG ENER(2014 Dec): SET Plan - Integrated Roadmap - R&I Challenges and Needs (Overview of the inputs from the stakeholders to the consultation in the framework of the development of the SET Plan Integrated Roadmap; it also includes comments and additional inputs from the SET Plan Steering Group)
ETIP SNET (The (EC Supported) European Technology and Innovation Platform Smart Networks for Energy Transition) Final 10 - year ETIP SNET R&I roadmap covering 2017 - 26 (Support to R&D strategy in the area of SET Plan activities in smart grids and energy storage)
entso-e(2016) entso-e: R&I ROADMAP 2017-2026 (Support the transmission system operators (TSOs), as key system integrators of different components and technologies, to answer to societal challenges. The TSOs should also be prepared to face game-changing environments, such as new actors entering the electricity market (e.g., storage, ICT, prosumers, active customers).
entso-e(2016) entso-e: R&D Implementation plan 2016-2018 (details the current implementation of research and development (R&D) activities in the European electricity system. As with each edition, Implementation Plan 2016-2018 identifies and describes all of the R&D concepts, topics and projects addressed by ENTSO-E over a three-year period.)
What could be the business cases in a Smart Grids based energy system?
EC-DG ENER Distribution System Operators of the future: van den Oosterkamp, Paul, et al. "The role of DSOs in a Smart Grid environment." Report for the European Commission, DG ENER 2014.