BACHER ENERGIE AG (BEAG) supports Electricity-, Gas and Heat-Grid operators and other Electricity system stakeholders in the analysis, design and implementation of strategies for the latest Energy Policies including Energiewende, for setting up Smart Grids / Smart Metering including Demonstrations, Pilots with the goal to put the customer/prosumer at the center.
BACHER ENERGIE AG unterstützt die Energienetzbetreiber (Strom, Gas, Wärme) bei der Analyse, Konzeption und Umsetzung von Strategien für die Energiewende und die neuesten Energierichtlinien zur Einrichtung von Smart Grids / Smart Metering, einschließlich Demonstrationen, Piloten mit dem Ziel, den Kunden / Prosumer in den Mittelpunkt zu stellen.

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Ongoing public projects

  • ETIP SNET (2020-2023): European Technology and Innovation Platform for the Smart Networks Energy Transition. BACHER ENERGIE AG supports ETIP SNET stakeholders and the European Commission in monitoring Energy System Integration R&I progress and in updating R&I needs for the European Energy System Transition from 2020 via the year 2030 towards 2050 (carbon-neutral Energy system).

    Project partners: Zabala (Project coordinator), BACHER ENERGIE AG, ICCS (NTUA), INYCOM, Clarens, entso-e, edso for smartgrids, EASE, EERA.

Past public projects

  • ETIP SNET (2016-2020): European Technology and Innovation Platform for the Smart Networks Energy Transition. BACHER ENERGIE AG is the Technical Coordinator advising ETIP SNET stakeholders and the European Commission in R&I needs for the European Energy System Transition from 2020 via the year 2030 towards 2050 (carbon-neutral Energy system).

    Project partners:

  • ERA-NET SG PLUS (2015-2020): This is an initiative of 21 European countries and regions. The vision for Smart Grids in Europe is to create an electric power system that integrates renewable energies and enables flexible consumer and production technologies. This can help to shape an electricity grid with a high security of supply, coupled with low greenhouse gas emissions, at an affordable price. Our aim is to support the development of the technologies, market designs and customer adoptions that are necessary to reach this goal. BACHER ENERGIE AG is advising the European RD&I funding agencies and the ERA-NET coordination team.

    Project partners:

  • EU SmartGrids ERA-Net (2008-2014): Consulting and research advice to national governments and the European Commission (7th Framework program; co-representation of Switzerland together with Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE)) to stimulate the right interdisciplinary European innovation, research, development and deployment activities (pilots) in the areas of production, transport, distribution and storage of electricity/energy. Bacher is a work package leader. This European SmartGrids Research Area Network (ERA-NET) project is funded by European Commission (Partners: NL, CH, AT, DK, FR, ES, NO, GR, Macedonia, BE, CR, SI, Basque Country, Estonia, Latvia). In 2013, SmartGrids ERA-NET is working towards the implementation of a SmartGrids ERA-NET PLUS within Horizon 2020 (as of 2014/15).
  • EU GRID+ (2011-2014): The GRID+ project had the aim to implement and support the networking process of the European Electricity Grids Initiative (EEGI) over the years 2012-2014, both within and beyond the European borders. Furthermore, the GRID+ scope included not only international but also national initiatives and projects. GRID+ plays an important role in networking national projects and initiatives. 

    Thanks to this project, the EEGI has been in the position to enhance the delivery by the European network operators of the new knowledge needed to deploy Smart Grid solutions in the most effective way possible.

    Project partners:

  • SmartGrids Monitor (2010-2014): Collection, categorization of ongoing interdisciplinary national and European SmartGrids projects (technical, economical, environmental, social, legal), their participants, goals and project descriptions within Europe. This project intends to create a living SmartGrids information base with continuous, active contributions of European SmartGrids researchers, industrial project partners and involved funding institutions (Funded by SG ERA-Net, SFOE and self; Several hundred interdisciplinary SmartGrids projects and associated SmartGrids researchers will be involved)
  • Swiss2G (2009-2014): Pilot and demonstration SmartGrids project with application in Mendrisio (Ticino) for the optimal integration of electrical vehicles in the distribution grids with minimum central and as much as possible distributed monitoring and control (Funded by Swiss Electric Research and SFOE, Partners: Universities (SUPSI Ticino - Sustainability and Economics), Berner Fachhochschule - Grid model and computation, Battery specialists (Ticino), Hydro power generator company (KWO) and Bacher Energy Ltd as grid based system and technical / regulation expert organization)
  • SmartGen (2010-2012): SmartGrids project for the "Efficient identification of opportunities for Distributed Generation based on Smart Grid Technology":  Develop real-world applied models which illustrate both energy resources and grid information visually by combining SmartGrids technology scenarios with input from Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Network Information Systems (NIS), including electrical grid models. (Funded by Romande Energie, ERA-Net-SFOE, Self; Bacher Energy Ltd is coordinating  a team of three other Swiss institutions and leads the coordination with the European partners NO, DK and LV)
  • Improsume (2010-2012): This research project focuses on prosumers (Producer & Consumer) and their role and influence on the future energy system and market. The interdisciplinary research will include long-term scenarios where virtual power producers and micro-generation units emerge. The project will study consumer acceptance and adoption of the prosumer role. Improsume intends to extract system constraints, rules and relationships that can help design and optimize the Smart Grid, the definition of new market mechanisms, trading instruments and grid management facilities to achieve optimal use of resources, high regularity, acceptable price levels and stability of supply as well as sustainable growth for the European countries (Funded by ERA-Net SFOE, self; Bacher Energy Ltd is responsible for grid related issues in the market model and cooperates with the Swiss partner University of St. Gallen); European Partners from NO, DK)
  • IEA ENARD Annex I (2008-2011): International Energy Agency ENARD (Electricity Network Analysis R&D): Contributions to develop an authoritative, comprehensive and unbiased international source of information, data and advice, such as to inform governmental officials, policymakers and key industry stakeholders of the pertinent issues relating to current and anticipated developments in electricity transmission and distribution networks and systems (Partners: AT, BE, DK, FI, FR, IT, NL, NO, South Africa, ES, SW, CH, UK, USA)
  • IEA Active Distribution Grids ENARD Annex II (2008-2011): Analysis of grid operator and new business stakeholders strategies and means for a high security of supply, optimal operation and new business models of active distribution grids and systems (Funded by SFOE; Partners: AT, BE, DK, FI, FR, IT, NO, ES, SW, CH, UK; BACHER ENERGY LTD is a task leader; Austria is project leader)