BACHER ENERGIE AG supports Electricity grid and Electricity system stakeholders in the analysis, design and implementation of strategies for the latest Energy Policies, for setting up Smart Grids / Smart Metering projects including Demonstrations, Pilots with the goal to put the customer/prosumer at the center.

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BACHER ENERGIE AG: Your independent consultant

  • Regulated electric grid operators
  • (Non-regulated) area grid operators
  • Electricity consumers (households, SME, industry and aggregated responsibilities for communities, cities, cantons)
  • Electricity generators (both large size generators feeding into higher voltage levels and small size feeding into the 400V and 10kV grids).
  • Power Balance Group Responsible
  • Power Traders exposed to grid congested markets (implicit/explicit auctions) with varying electricity prices
  • Governments (Community, City, Canton, National, European commission)
  • Grid Regulators

Recent Business Partners

BACHER ENERGIE AG: Your trusted collaborator

  • EC (European Commission, Brussels, Belgium)
  • BFE (Bundesamt für Energie, Bern, Switzerland)
  • ETH Zürich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland)
  • RSE, Italy
  • DOWEL, France
  • Zabala, Spain
  • Electricity Grid Operators (also electricity retailers)
  • VSE (Verband Schweizerischer Elektrizitätswerke, Aarau, Switzerland)
  • BKW, Switzerland
  • CKW, Switzerland
  • ewz, Switzerland
  • City and Utility of Mendrisio, Switzerland
  • City and Utility of Meiringen, Switzerland
  • LEONI Studer AG (Däniken, Switzerland)
  • Brugg Kabel AG (Brugg, Switzerland)


ETIP SNET Members - European Technology and Innovation Platform for the Smart Networks Energy Transition: BACHER ENERGIE AG is SmartGrids Expert advising ETIP SNET stakeholders:

  • TSO's: ENTSO-E
  • DSO: EDSO, European Distribution System Operators for Smart Grids
  • Regulators: ACER
  • Generation: Eurelectric
  • Renewables: the EUREC
  • Users: IFIEC
  • Electrotechnology equipment manufacturers: T&D Europe
  • Customer Demand and Metering:
  • Telecommunications: European Utilities Telecom Council
  • Metering manufacturers and systems: the European Smart Metering Interest Group, ESMIG
  • Research and development within the electricity companies
  • Research institutes, governmental organizations, university institutes, education: university professors
  • Applied Research Labs: European Energy Research Alliance (EERA)